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Use your valuables to secure a 30-day loan.

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Choose the amount you need

Choose a loan amount between R1000 and R15000, tell us about your items and complete the submission.

Our online buyers negotiate for you

When reviewing your submission, our online buyers will negotiate a deal on your behalf.

Collect your cash

Drop off your valuables at your selected store and collect your cash.

Loans are valid for 30 days

You’ll have 30 days to repay your loan amount, with interest. If payment is not received after 30 days, we’ll sell your item.


R 1000
  • Term days 30
  • Initiation Fee * R 173
  • Interest and fees R 50
  • Service Fee * R 23
  • Total repayment R 1246


  • Depending on the transaction selected:
    Selling: No limit / Pawn: R 15,000.00 is the maximum per client at this time.

  • Yes, depending on the time of application. Our office hours on a Saturday are from 08h00-12h30. If we receive your application in those hours, your application could be attended to. Any time after 12h30, your application will be attended to on the next working day.

  • No credit checks are done as you leave your item as security for the loan.

  • No, the loan is based on the product that you bring into the store.

Suspensive Security Buy Agreement (SSB)

View and download an example of what your Secured Suspended Buys Contract (SSB) might look like, in the language of your choice.


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