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I need a loan of

R 1000
Apply Via Whatsapp Now
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Instant Cash Payout
  • Up to Five Easy Extensions
  • Cost of a 30-day extension won't exceed R219
    (T’s & C’s Apply)
  • Term days 30
  • Initiation Fee R408
  • Interest R150
  • Service Fee R89
  • Total repayment R3647
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Instant Cash Payout
  • Up to Five Easy Extensions
  • Cost of a 30-day extension won't exceed R219
    (T’s & C’s Apply)
You can extend your 30-day loan (up to 5 times) if you choose not to settle & collect your item at the end of the initial loan term. A contract initiation fee is only charged once, irrespective of how many loan extensions you take. This makes it an affordable option. *Extension cost depends on the loan amount and you can see it by using the sliding scale.

How Loans work via WhatsApp

WhatsApp your closest store

We’ll contact you within 15 minutes and help you through the process of getting a loan.

Our friendly buyers will assist you

Simply provide your ID, address and show us a picture of the item you want to bring in for safekeeping.

Receive an immediate cash pay-out

Once you have brought your item in and we’ve checked that it is in good working order, we’ll pay the cash to you immediately.

What happens if you can’t pay the loan?

If you don’t mind letting go of your asset, you’re free to “walk away” without paying up your loan and we will never contact you requesting payment.


Why choose a loan from Cash Crusaders?

Anyone who has ever taken a loan from Cash Crusaders will tell you it’s the quickest and easiest way to get cash when life throws you a curveball.

  • No salary slips or bank statements required
  • We only need your ID and contact details
  • Fast and hassle-free. Our buyers make a quick decision, based on the value of your item (asset) you have brought in.

What happens if I'm not able to repay my loan?

  • If you're happy to let your asset go remember that you're always free to "walk away" without paying up your loan and we will never contact you requesting payment. You’ll never have to worry about your credit record being negatively impacted either.
  • If you want to get your asset back, but can’t pay the whole amount within 30 days, we’ll gladly extend the loan for another 30 days (maximum 5 times). A small service fee will apply. Please make sure you get to us a few days before the loan expires (or even on the last day), so we can do the paperwork quickly and without any hassles. Our loan extension is easy and affordable.

Will your asset be safe?

  • We know how valuable the item is that you left with us for safekeeping. We take our responsibilities seriously and promise to return your asset to you in the same condition as when it was handed in.

The easiest way to get a loan fast


  • The last thing we want is for you to forfeit your asset. If you cannot repay the loan on time, please visit us a few days prior or even on the last day of your loan, to extend your loan. If that’s not possible, please call us. You’ll find our telephone number on our website or on your loan documentation. We’ll make a note, to keep your asset in the storeroom for another 3 days.
  • Alternatively, extend your loan via Ozow. We will send you an SMS with a payment link 3 days before your loan expires. Click on the link to extend your loan from your mobile phone. Pay up your interest and fees on your loan, anywhere, at any time. All you need is a bank account and a smart-enabled device.
  • A friend or family member can also pay on your behalf in-store if they bring along a signed proxy form.

How do I reduce the cost of a Cash Crusaders loan?

  • Your loan documentation shows the interest cost you will have to pay if you use the full term of the loan.
  • Remember that we will recalculate and reduce the interest cost if you decide to pay up your loan early.

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